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Robyn Murfin-Roberts was born in Michigan, but was raised and still resides in Central Florida. She and her husband, Dave Roberts, share their home with three cats. Most of Robyn’s family live in Florida, including her daughter, Jenafer, a music teacher and college student majoring in literature and international affairs. Daughter Monica is married to Vinny, and their home is in Brooklyn. Dave and Robyn enjoy regular visits from their New York-based children and grandchildren, Angelo and Arianna.

Prior to her adolescent years, Robyn discovered interests in understanding both human behavior and dreams. She took naturally to writing, as well. An early creative outlet was poetry, which she still composes, but she enjoys all forms of writing. Robyn also loves reading, collecting angel and bird images, and listening to music (especially the live music of her daughter, husband, and friends.)

During the years of working her way through college to a bachelor’s degree in social psychology, Robyn worked at a wide variety of jobs. Inspired by her ancestral cousin, author Mark Twain, she felt that varied employment would broaden her perspective, help her better understand people, and contribute to her abilities as a writer. Throughout this time dreams continued to intrigue her. She did research, reading anything she could find about dreams and what they mean. The insightful interpretation work of the “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, provided much of the foundation of Robyn’s understanding of dream analysis. She also attended dream and symbology lectures and workshops, devouring the data and learning how to unlock the mystery of dream symbolism.

Work experience has included supervising and counseling at-risk teens, producing and coordinating self-help seminars, leading support groups, delivering motivational lectures, and working as a therapist, group supervisor, and case manager in psychiatric care and other treatment centers. She also coordinated volunteer training, chaired a public relations committee, and did crisis intervention, public speaking, and support group facilitation for a suicide prevention center.

Many years as an educator in a community college setting have allowed Robyn to work with young adults. She has said about her students, “If I contribute in any positive way to the knowledge and self-esteem of these precious souls on the brink of adulthood, I cherish that ability to reach out to them and am endlessly grateful for the opportunity.” Robyn has specialized in the behavioral science courses of psychology and sociology, and has also taught many relationship and life management classes. Under her guidance most of her Psychology I students have completed dream analysis papers, interpreting their own visions of the night.

Her dream work curriculum and interpretation project led Robyn to develop an easy seven-step technique that can be utilized by anyone to understand their dreams. Dreams Uncovered briefly leads readers through these steps and guides them to answer questions like, “What did that crazy dream mean?” When the dreamer can answer that question, he or she can use the insight to solve problems and improve waking life. The more we remember, understand, and act on our dreams, the better our lives can become.  It is Robyn’s dream that the modern world will awaken to the connection and importance of dreams to our daily existence.

Robyn Murfin-Roberts is a member of IASD (The International Association for the Study of Dreams).

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