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Lectures, Seminars & Workshops


Robyn is available for speaking engagements for all groups interested in understanding and effectively applying their dreams. Additionally, she offers dream interpretation workshops and seminars.

Group events can be designed to meet the needs of the members of your organization. The format for lectures, as well as for seminars and workshops, often includes an interactive exchange between the dream analyst and the audience. Also, the answer to "What did my dream mean?" may be provided to some individual group members. By sharing her dream analysis experience and expertise, Robyn hopes to inform and enlighten participants about using the wisdom of their dreams to improve their waking lives.

To schedule an event or inquire about services and fees, contact Robyn by e-mail or through her post office box. She will respond by e-mail or will call those who leave a continental United States phone number.

P. O. Box address:

P.O. Box 150397, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32715-0397  

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